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So Sweet So Nice John Moods Black Vinyl LP


So Sweet So Nice John Moods Black Vinyl LP

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John Moods – the adopted moniker of Berlin-based Jonathan Jarzyna – released his debut full-length The Essential John Moods with Mansions and Millions in 2018. Now, having completed his first solo tours, he returns with So Sweet So Nice, which will be released as two EPs: So Sweet on April 16th and So Nice on August 6th. This diptych will ultimately culminate in one vinyl LP, to be released in physical format on August 6th. If The Essential John Moods was the soundtrack to a summer backpacking trip, its follow-up has the feel of a triumphant homecoming. Where the previous album traded in dreamy displacement, So Sweet So Nice is serenely centered, springy grooves transforming musings on mortality into vibrant celebrations. Full of sprightly guitar work, and burbling, trickling synths, So Sweet So Nice channels the spirit of classic AM pop into something both contemporary and timeless.