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Jammin' Sam Miller ‎– Donkey Kong Country OST Recreated "Rotten Banana" Colored Vinyl 2xLP

Musique Pour La Danse

Jammin' Sam Miller ‎– Donkey Kong Country OST Recreated "Rotten Banana" Colored Vinyl 2xLP

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A Vinyl Luxe Exclusive Pressing

Musique Pour La Danse is proud to present its first release in the field of video game OSTs, with the first-ever physical release of the much appreciated and globally followed Donkey Kong Country OST recreation project led by Louisiana-based composer and producer Jammin’ Sam Miller.

Using hex SPC data crudely converted to MIDI, Jammin' Sam Miller painstakingly recreated DKC's soundtrack note by note, by finding the original equipment used to create it, translating the MIDI into a modern studio context, adding in keyboard samples, and re-mixing the sounds with added effects and mastering. 

Remastered for vinyl, licensed, and presented in a limited edition "Rotten Banana" splatter double LP.

Release Notes
  • Limited Edition "Rotten Banana" Splatter Double Vinyl
  • Limited to 500 copies
  • First ever physical release
  • A faithful HD recreation in all its uncompressed glory
  • Remastered for vinyl
  • Ships NOW


The Jungle
A1 Theme
A2 Simian Segue
A3 Jungle Groove
A4 Bonus Room Blitz
A5 Cranky's Theme

Unfamiliar Territory
B1 Cave Dweller Concert
B2 Aquatic Ambience
B3 Funky's Fugue
B4 Candy's Love Song
B5 Bad Boss Boogie

Monkey Mines
C1 Life In The Mines
C2 Mine Cart Madness
C3 Misty Menace
C4 Voices of the Temple
C5 Treetop Rock

The Last Stand
D1 Forest Frenzy
D2 Northern Hemispheres
D3 Ice Cave Chant
D4 Fear Factory
D5 Gangplank Galleon
D6 Game Over
D7 The Credits Concerto