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Hiroyuki Sawano ‎– Attack On Titan Season 1 & 2 Original Soundtrack Splatter Vinyl Bundle


Hiroyuki Sawano ‎– Attack On Titan Season 1 & 2 Original Soundtrack Splatter Vinyl Bundle

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A VinylLuxe Exclusive Bundle


Season 1

The soundtrack to season 1 of the hit anime series, Attack on Titan, composed by Hiroyuki Sawano – now on vinyl for the first time!

The first season of the TV series broadcast on Adult Swim in 2014 and its music is composed by prolific and popular Japanese composer Hiroyuki Sawano (Promare, Kill la Kill, Blue Exorcist), who provides a bombastic mix of electronic music, guitar-driven tracks and orchestral overtones.

Comes in gatefold packaging with 3 x 12" Clear With Blue & Black Sky Splatter colored vinyl. 

Season 2

HUMANITY'S MET ITS match. Eren Jaeger's battle against the Titans rages on! After fighting the Female Titan, he has no time to rest as a horde approaches Wall Rose. With his ferocious abilities and a new plan, Eren and his friends set out to face the Titans head-on. But as they prepare for war, they begin to unearth terrifying secrets.

What are the Titans really, and where do they get their power? As they begin investigating the danger hidden within the walls, a colossal reveal shakes them to the core! Does humanity stand a chance at survival with no one to trust and a new evil on the horizon? Terror takes a new form. WHO'S REALLY on their side?

Comes in gatefold packaging with 3 x 12" violet with black and white sunset splatter vinyl. 

Bundle Pack Includes Both Seasons 

Track listing Season 1:

1. Attack On Titan
2. The Reluctant Heroes
3. Eye-Water
4. Rittaikidou
5. Counter Attack-mankind
6. Army-Attack
7. Vogel im Kafig
8. 2DOA
9. Titan
10. E.M.A
11. Titan - 9chiku
12. Bauklotze
13. 2Chijou
14. XL-TT
15. Call Your Name
16. Omake-Pfadlib

Track listing Season 2:


Side A: 
1. Barricades (Lyrics: Benjamin & mpi) 
3. YouSeeBIGGIRL / T:T (Lyrics: Rie | Vocal: Gemie)

Side B: 
1. son2seaVer (Song 2nd Season Version) 
2. Call of Silence (Lyrics: cAnON. | Vocal: Gemie) 
3. A ERENthe標 (EREN the hyo)


Side C: 
1. attack音D (attack on D) 
2. YAMANAIAME (Lyrics: Benjamin & mpi | Vocal: Mica Caldito, mpi, Mika Kobayashi)
3. 2Volt

Side D: 
1. 進撃st-hrn-egt20130629巨人 (Attack st-hrn-egt20130629 Titan) 
2. So ist es Immer (So It Is Always) (Lyrics: Rie, Benjamin & mpi | Vocal: Benjamin) 
3. 進撃st-hrn-gt-pf20130629巨人 (Attack st-hrn-gt-pf20130629 Titan) 
4. ymniam-orch


Side E: 
1. The Reluctant Heroes
2. 進撃st-hrn-gt20130629巨人 (Attack st-hrn-gt20130629 Titan)
3. theDOGS (Lyrics: Benjamin & mpi Vocal: mpi)

Side F: 
1. 進撃pf-medley20130629巨人 (Attack pf-medley20130629 Titan) 
2. EMAymniam 
3. 進撃pf20130218巨人 (Attack pf20130218 Titan) 
4. 進撃gt20130218巨人 (Attack gt20130218 Titan)


 Product Details:

Format: 2x12" Clear With Blue & Black Sky Splatter & Violet With Black White Splatter
Playback speed: 33rpm
Packaging size: 313mm x 313mm
Label: All The Anime Music

Limited edition of: 500