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C418 - Minecraft Volume Alpha Green & Black "Emerald Ore" Swirl Vinyl

Ghostly International

C418 - Minecraft Volume Alpha Green & Black "Emerald Ore" Swirl Vinyl

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A Vinyl Luxe Exclusive Colored Pressing

  • Artist: C418
  • Exclusive Green & Black "Emerald Ore" Swirl Variant
  • Limited to only 3000 copies worldwide
  • Individually Numbered 
  • Genres: Hip Hop
  • Release date: June 27th 2023


Minecraft Volume Alpha by C418 

Minecraft is a dreamscape, a limitless world where anything is possible. Minecraft is a tool, a means of bringing the imagination to life. Minecraft is a community, a platform on which inventive minds of all ages can share their creations and ideas. Minecraft, of course, is also a game, the most popular and best-selling video game of all time. Originally created in 2009 by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson, this cultural phenomenon speaks volumes of our current zeitgeist's love for virtual spaces, but its unprecedented success couldn't be pinned on one factor alone. Countless layers of thoughtful artistry flow through Minecraft's singular experience, not the least of which is its transportive soundtrack. And now for the first time since releasing digitally in 2011, the music of Minecraft will be issued on special-edition vinyl and CD by Ghostly International & Vinyl Luxe Records. 


Ghostly is thrilled to count this unique collaboration among its already eclectic catalog, and hopes to see the creative inspiration which drives Minecraft and Rosenfeld continue to disperse by virtue of their timeless music. 


A1 Subwoofer Lullaby 3:28
A2 Living Mice 2:57
A3 Moog City 2:40
A4 Haggstrom 3:24
A5 Minecraft 4:14
A6 Clark 3:11
B1 Mice On Venus 4:41
B2 Dry Hands 1:08
B3 Wet Hands 1:30
B4 Sweden 3:35
B5 Cat 3:06
B6 Danny 4:14